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Personnel Administration

Personal information management (PIM) is a basic function of any HR department. Enjoy enhanced productivity with the following Enspire features:

  • Decrease the possibility of data loss through management of personal employee information in a centralized location.
  • Use employee records to manage and update employee contact and travel information.
  • Manage employee job information by defining pay grade, salary and other information.
  • Identify reporting structure through definition of employee supervisors.
  • Use PIM to keep timely track of past work experience, educational details, skills and other criteria.
  • View and search employee details when needed.
  • Generate customized employee reports.

Leave Management

This module provides a glimpse of the power of Enspire. Handle employee requests for leave and vacation seamlessly with the following features:

  • Define leave types relevant to your organization.
  • Display information on leave entitlement, leave time, balance, history and paid time-off all in a single screen.
  • Define days-off (staff vacation planning).
  • Allow employees to apply for leave online. Supervisors may approve or reject leave online.
  • Auto leave accruals based on grade, service.
  • Send out automatic E-mail notifications of employees and supervisors on leave.

Providing the strength of an integrated HR management system, Enspire eases vacation scheduling.

Payroll and F&F

Enspire helps you to streamline your payroll process and manage it efficiently without any hurdles.

  • Create your own formulas for the payroll process as per your Organization policies.
  • Auto calculations for OT and UT.
  • Configure multiple payroll templates.
  • Multi country and Multi statutory payroll process in single system.
  • Bulk import of all employee-related data in a single click.
  • Unlimited earnings and deductions (fixed, Formula Based, run time).
  • Computes arrears automatically.
  • Processing of full and final settlement as per the organization’s policy.
  • Access rights to create role-based privileges.

Performance Management (May 2016)

Simplifying the performance review process saves you time and increases employer and employee satisfaction. The Performance module of Enspire offers these features:

  • Create performance reviews using key performance indicators (KPIs) specific to each job title.
  • Allow supervisors / managers to review subordinates on their performance.
  • Allow employees to understand employer expectations.

Organizational Management

As the backbone of your HR management system, this module enables you to effectively handle fundamental personnel tasks.The module includes the following features:

  • Create and generate organizational structure through definition of company information including geographical locations and organizational hierarchies.
  • Organize employee job information by defining job titles‚ pay grades‚ employment status and identification of equal employment opportunity (EEO) job categories.
  • Manage employee qualification information (education, professional licensing) to process promotions and salary increments with ease.
  • Keep note of employee proficiencies such as skills and language. Track employee membership types and identify appropriate individual designations.
  • Capture nationality and race demographics to fine-tune employee records.

Time Management

Automate your timekeeping related processes. This feature-rich module efficiently organizes labor data‚ improves workforce management and helps you minimize attendance policy errors. Features include:

  • Define days-off (weekends and specific holidays).
  • Manage all kind of shifts with flexible shift management system.
  • Manage late coming, OT and UT rules with simple configuration.
  • Monthly attendance summary for ease of adjustment which reflects in payroll.
  • Online attendance booking by employees.
  • Integration with biometric and attendance systems.
  • Generate pending or approved time reports.
  • Clear and concise attendance tracking for HR administrators and managers.

Travel Management

Travel Management simplifies your life to manage travel expenses, analytics, reports and below are some more features:

  • Dynamic work flow configurations.
  • Manage work flow for travel requests.
  • Manage work flow for travel expenses.
  • Mangae work flow for local expenses.
  • Integrated travel desk to issues the required tickets.
  • Manage policies for DA, Lodging, Conveyance and etc., expenses.
  • Email notifications for every activity.
  • Configure high level employees to exlude from the approval process.
  • Integrated google maps to calculate the traveled distance.
  • Reports based on employees, branch, designation, travel agent.

Training (July 2016)

A robust tracking and learning management system allows you to analyse job skill gaps and match it with appropriate training - while keeping track of the training needs of the employees.